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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My College Trip to Chail - Part 2

As the bus started early morning around 7am, Amrita, one of my classmates thought it to be the best time to sleep. Lying on the last seat of the bus with herself been covered by a shawl from toe to head, she gave us a laughing start, we all tried to wake her up but our sleeping beauty had her way and slept for full 2 hours. I grabbed a window seat of the second last seat from the back and enjoyed the early morning views of Delhi, my hometown. It made me feel that to see the real beauty of Delhi, one should watch the early morning here with calm trees and sun rising slowly from its sleep.

We crossed the Delhi border and all those who were sleeping woke up and then we did breakfast in the bus itself. Having gained energy we were now ready to do some fun. Yes you are right, bus ride with friends is incomplete without a round of antakshri, so we played it and sang, danced and clicked snaps and really had a gala time. It was noon now and our bus stopped at a roadside dhaba. Having a meal at the dhaba while on trip is a great experience. Having sat for hours it was now that we all got down from the bus and strolled a bit. The sight was amazing as someone was walking like a cat, some like a tired hunchback and some still active and smelling the soil of the countryside.

Hey, guys its again interval time…Have your meals or go out for your important works, I will continue next time in part 3!

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