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Saturday, August 2, 2008

My College Trip to Chail - Part 5

Finally we were at our destination, Chail. Filled with excitement and joy, we all got down from the bus and picked our luggage. Then we started climbing down the staircase leading to our Hotel Monaal in Chail. The first thing after reaching the reception of the hotel that striked every mind was to call at home and inform about the safe arrival in Chail. I too joined the cue and waited for my turn and finally I got my turn and called at home to tell my mother about my safe arrival in Chail and relieved my mother, who was worried whether I reached safely or not. Her worry was natural as this was the first time I went on a trip alone with no family member along to take care of me.

Now came the teacher’s instruction that all the three batches including ours, first years and the seniors have been allotted one room each that are located somewhere upstairs. The moment she stopped her instruction, we all ran to grab the best room for ourselves. Luckily at that time all our seniors and juniors were busy calling at home and we second year girls were the first ones to run to the rooms, scrutinizing all the three rooms, we chose the best one. Why best, this you will get to know by the name itself “Honeymoon suite”. Sounds interesting isn’t?

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