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Sunday, August 3, 2008

My College Trip to Chail - Part 6

Designed for the newly wed couples, our honeymoon suite soon became a recently conquered object of our pride and matter of bit jealousy in our seniors. Everything in the room was of red color signifying love, as one would like to have during a honeymoon trip, but for your amusement let me tell you we were not on a honeymoon trip but a college trip which was far away from romance. Having occupied the best room, we went outside to invite others to see our pretty red room. Our seniors saw that nothing can be done now since the second years have already occupied it, they brought in their cameras to click snaps in our enchanting honeymoon suite. We really had fun clicking snaps in our room in every pose as if posing for a Miss India contest. These pictures are till date some of the most treasured memories of my college days.

After settling in our rooms, we all gathered in the veranda of the hotel, where the hotel staff arranged bonfire for us, as it was very cold there. We took our chairs and sat around it. Then came the best part of all, a round of antakshri with our teachers singing and my favorite teacher doing some shero shayari, reciting some Urdu poems. We had dinner in between and then again came out and sat around the bon fire till 1’o clock at night. Then we went to our rooms and bid good night to all. In our room there was only one bed and only three out of us six can sleep on it. Apart from the bed we were given cozy mattresses to lay on. Half of us slept on the bed and half on the mattresses on the floor, promising that the next day the turn will be rotated.

Here ended day one of my college trip to Chail, what happened next will be told in part 7…