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Thursday, July 31, 2008

My College Trip to Chail - Part 3

Lunch was over and the bus again resumed its speed. After a while began the hilly area and all those friends who were afraid of heights went on to the front seats with windows and took medicines to avoid vomits and haziness. But me the bold one got up from my second last seat and moved to the last one, sitting alone and peeping outside the window. Then I thought of doing some prank and called one of my juniors and made her sit along me. Shilpi was her name and to be very frank she too was one of the ones having height phobia and was afraid to sit at the last seat but I somehow convinced her to sit there. Then, I started my pranks!

I told her to see out of the window, which she was very reluctant to do out of fear of height. I told her see as if the tyre of our bus is moving on the road or is it going in the deep valley. Then I shifted her more towards the window and told her to see just below her nose and see the hollow valley. “My God!!!”- She said and my pranks were not over there, I continued horrifying her telling her to see that lowest tree in the valley and so on. I still can’t forget the way she got horrified and ran away and seeing her scared and running to the teachers I rolled out of laughter…

I will be back, as this laughter of my college trip has again rolled me with uncontrollable laughter…So, do check out for part 4