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Thursday, August 21, 2008

My College Trip to Chail - Part 11

The last day of my college trip started with monkey shrills coming right from the window. Me and my friends got up listening to monkey noises right outside our windows. Waking up and seeing the naughty creatures right in front with just a window in between, we were excited. Seeing them hungry, we searched for some eatables to offer them. Fortunately I had some breakfast for them that was packed by my mother for my breakfast on day one of the trip, I took that and tried opening the window a bit to offer them. As soon as I was about to open the window, one of my friends shouted, “ be careful else, they will enter our room and will do blunder!”

I took her warning seriously only after seeing that the naughty monkeys were just eager to come inside if given a single opportunity, so I too played the trick. I stood up on a stool and threw the eatable from the ventilator, giving the monkeys no chance to intrude in our sweet honeymoon suite. Then started there fight to grab the food, they all jumped and grabbed as much as they could in their mouth and climbed on different branches of the trees outside. I then stood and watched them carefully and got the satisfaction of giving them something to eat at last.

Here ends part 11, I will share part 12 soon…

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