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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My College Trip to Chail - Part 8

Finally, we spent two hours and gathered at the meeting point and then to our surprise, we came to know that, as it was a centenary year of the steam engine that passed through Shimla. As a result, there was heavy traffic and roads were jammed and it took 3 hours for our bus to reach the meeting point in Shimla itself. We all thought it would have been better if we could have enjoyed those three hours in Shimla instead of waiting but waiting was inevitable as any time our bus could arrive and main Shimla Mall was at a walking distance of about half an hour.

On our way to add on to our disappointment, our teachers told that since most of our time was lost in waiting so we won’t be going to Kufri now. To end our disappointment, she finally told us that we will be going straight to Chail in our Hotel Monaal where the hotel staff has arranged a DJ party. Hearing about the DJ party, we were again filled with excitement.

Get ready to read further in part 9….