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Friday, February 20, 2009

My College Trip to Chail - Part 14

Finally, we moved on our way back to Delhi. We had lunch in between in a roadside dhabha. Then we called at our homes from there informing our parents when can they expect us back home. Then we were about to reach Punjab and Itika, my friend told me to inform her if I see any Panchranga Pickle shop, that sells the best of pickles and she wants to get some for herself. Seeing her praising the pickle so much, I too planned that I too will buy some of it, then we watched every shop coming on our way to see if it’s Panchranga Pickle Shop or not, that was fun again! At last we saw some shops, all selling the famous pickle and we shouted like anything so that the driver stops the bus.

Finally, the bus halted and it was decided earlier that only Itika and me will be buying the pickle but seeing us half of the bus got down and made the shopkeeper earn a lot by buying the famous Panchranga Pickle. Having bought the pickle, we all were behaving as if we did some great work but the fact was that we just bought a pickle! The bus moved again and alas we reached our hometown Delhi.

Here ended my college trip to Chail…

My College Trip to Chail - Part 13

Then having relaxed a bit, we started clicking snaps again, that will be the sole proof of our unique journey to Chail Palace to others who missed it. We made different funny poses with the palace artifacts, fountains and gardens and whatever we could take hold of.

Then Rohit instructed us to return else we would be late. We then returned to the bus, where all were eagerly waiting for us, knowing not where the hell we went, we then surprised them by telling we went to explore the magnificent Chail Palace. Some of them asked how was it, some got jealous as they missed visiting it, but we second year girls really had a blast.

Next you will see the last part of my college trip to Chail…

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My College Trip to Chail - Part 12

We all then got ready to leave for Delhi. Having packed our bags, we gathered at the main hall of Hotel Monaal and had our breakfast. Then again started the shooting session with all of us excited again to capture as much as we could of our trip to Chail in our cameras. We all sat in a cue on the stairs going upwards and yes you guessed it right, I was heading them all, sitting in the front position. Our teachers then told us that we will be leaving in an hour and this was the time that our tour operator, Rohit told us that it would have been wonderful if we could have also visited the Chail Palace. So what was expected next after hearing this? We all, again the second year girls, took on this as a mission and told our teachers that we will be reaching the bus within an hour.

Full of excitement we all started on our way to Chail Palace that was located at a distance of about 3 kms from Hotel Monaal. It was just like a walking journey from Katra to Vaishno Devi, we all got tired and started loosing breath but the excitement to see what others will be missing kept us going. Finally, we reached our destination, Chail Palace and we just had 30 minutes left. The first thing we did after reaching the palace was that we laid flat on the sofas in the main hall, as we were exhausted like anything.

What I did next will be shared in part 13...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My College Trip to Chail - Part 11

The last day of my college trip started with monkey shrills coming right from the window. Me and my friends got up listening to monkey noises right outside our windows. Waking up and seeing the naughty creatures right in front with just a window in between, we were excited. Seeing them hungry, we searched for some eatables to offer them. Fortunately I had some breakfast for them that was packed by my mother for my breakfast on day one of the trip, I took that and tried opening the window a bit to offer them. As soon as I was about to open the window, one of my friends shouted, “ be careful else, they will enter our room and will do blunder!”

I took her warning seriously only after seeing that the naughty monkeys were just eager to come inside if given a single opportunity, so I too played the trick. I stood up on a stool and threw the eatable from the ventilator, giving the monkeys no chance to intrude in our sweet honeymoon suite. Then started there fight to grab the food, they all jumped and grabbed as much as they could in their mouth and climbed on different branches of the trees outside. I then stood and watched them carefully and got the satisfaction of giving them something to eat at last.

Here ends part 11, I will share part 12 soon…

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

My College Trip to Chail - Part 10

Reaching the hotel, we all were welcomed by the hotel staff again. We all got fresh and gathered at the main hall of the hotel, the place where the staff arranged the DJ party for us. It was really cold that time but we really enjoyed dancing the night away. All the winter chills were past as we danced to peppy dance numbers.

After having dinner we were returning to our rooms. You know what happened next!!! We were unlocking the door of our room and whom did we see in the room opposite to ours! That lady who climbed our bus to get lift along with the other passengers. It was the time that we realized that she was no hijacker and was really in trouble. Seeing her we quickly got in to our room and laughed like anything on the way we thought and treated her as if she was a hijacker.

Here ended day 2 of my college trip to Chail. Get to know what happened on the last day of the trip in part 11….

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My College Trip to Chail - Part 9

Here came the most exciting part of our trip to Chail. On our way, it was around 7 in evening, when suddenly our bus halted as it could not move because a car was parked in the middle of the road. We all could make up that there is some problem in the car. Our driver and conductor moved out and asked what the matter was, leaving all us ladies alone in the bus.

We all got scared seeing the darkness surrounding us and no men around. Then, suddenly a woman from the car came in the bus and asked for lift. We all got all the more scared, as we all thought that she is not a genuine lady and want to hijack our bus and we are in trouble now. We all screamed and told our teachers not to offer them lift. I still remember, that incident made me remember all the Gods in a flash of seconds.

Having convinced our teachers not to offer them lift, we made the lady move out of the bus and called the hotel staff to come and help us. Seeing our unwillingness to help them, the passengers of the car said they wouldn’t let the bus go then and this scared us more. Luckily few men from the hotel arrived in 10 minutes as the hotel was nearby from that spot. They pushed the car aside and made way for our bus to move forward. We all thanked God for saving us.

What happened next will be told to you in part 10

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My College Trip to Chail - Part 8

Finally, we spent two hours and gathered at the meeting point and then to our surprise, we came to know that, as it was a centenary year of the steam engine that passed through Shimla. As a result, there was heavy traffic and roads were jammed and it took 3 hours for our bus to reach the meeting point in Shimla itself. We all thought it would have been better if we could have enjoyed those three hours in Shimla instead of waiting but waiting was inevitable as any time our bus could arrive and main Shimla Mall was at a walking distance of about half an hour.

On our way to add on to our disappointment, our teachers told that since most of our time was lost in waiting so we won’t be going to Kufri now. To end our disappointment, she finally told us that we will be going straight to Chail in our Hotel Monaal where the hotel staff has arranged a DJ party. Hearing about the DJ party, we were again filled with excitement.

Get ready to read further in part 9….