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Thursday, August 7, 2008

My College Trip to Chail - Part 10

Reaching the hotel, we all were welcomed by the hotel staff again. We all got fresh and gathered at the main hall of the hotel, the place where the staff arranged the DJ party for us. It was really cold that time but we really enjoyed dancing the night away. All the winter chills were past as we danced to peppy dance numbers.

After having dinner we were returning to our rooms. You know what happened next!!! We were unlocking the door of our room and whom did we see in the room opposite to ours! That lady who climbed our bus to get lift along with the other passengers. It was the time that we realized that she was no hijacker and was really in trouble. Seeing her we quickly got in to our room and laughed like anything on the way we thought and treated her as if she was a hijacker.

Here ended day 2 of my college trip to Chail. Get to know what happened on the last day of the trip in part 11….