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Friday, February 20, 2009

My College Trip to Chail - Part 14

Finally, we moved on our way back to Delhi. We had lunch in between in a roadside dhabha. Then we called at our homes from there informing our parents when can they expect us back home. Then we were about to reach Punjab and Itika, my friend told me to inform her if I see any Panchranga Pickle shop, that sells the best of pickles and she wants to get some for herself. Seeing her praising the pickle so much, I too planned that I too will buy some of it, then we watched every shop coming on our way to see if it’s Panchranga Pickle Shop or not, that was fun again! At last we saw some shops, all selling the famous pickle and we shouted like anything so that the driver stops the bus.

Finally, the bus halted and it was decided earlier that only Itika and me will be buying the pickle but seeing us half of the bus got down and made the shopkeeper earn a lot by buying the famous Panchranga Pickle. Having bought the pickle, we all were behaving as if we did some great work but the fact was that we just bought a pickle! The bus moved again and alas we reached our hometown Delhi.

Here ended my college trip to Chail…